Tuesday 23 July 2024
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- Human Resources practice any behavior related to our work and our relationships ;
- Our company and our employees' safety, health and well-being to keep in the forefront
- Society, nature and environmentally responsible , acting in accordance with moral values ​​and ethical principles
- All of our employees , " people " and " continuous improvement" -oriented perspective that will enable them to have a Human Resources application to execute and this company has the vision to give our human resources ,
- In all our endeavors to establish a continuous cooperation with our stakeholders based on trust ,
- At every stage and level of development of our employees keep in the forefront , constantly " investing in people " to do,
- Ensuring the continuous development of our employees , "efficiency" , " profitability" , " customer satisfaction" as our contribution to the company's goals is to continue .

General contact :

In general applications, have made special reference to the profile will occur in the future in our database for open positions will be considered within the scope . With the progress of your application by the case will be contacted in writing or orally .